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Environmental Public-interest Lawyers Training


    Environmental Public Interest Lawyers Training


    As environmental problems and ecological degradation are very serious and the awareness of environmental rights to a healthy and clean environment increase, there are more and more environmental cases that need to be addressed in China. Lawyers are facing tremendous opportunities and challenges in addressing these cases. Seven Sessions of the Environmental Public-interest Lawyers Training Workshop, as an important platform for improving environmental legal knowledge and skills of environmental public-interest lawyers, have been successfully organized by All China Environment Federation (ACEF) and All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) jointly.


    High-level scholars and experts from ACLA, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China University of Political Science and Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and related legal departments of the government are invited to the workshop as trainers. Trainees are lawyers from all over the country with 50 for each workshop. The workshop focuses on China's environmental legislation, basic knowledge, principles, methods, skills of environmental law and litigation, and analyses the typical environmental cases. This year’s workshop focused on marine pollution cases.

    (This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)
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