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    All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) is a nationwide non-profitable civil society organization (CSO) in the field of the environment, and is supported by the government. It is composed of CSOs and individuals who are enthusiastic about and support environmental protection and are willing to work for it. The objective of ACEF is to serve as a bridge between the government and the public in implementing the sustainable development strategy, achieving national objectives on environment and development, and protecting the environmental rights of the public. By fully utilizing its organizational advantage, ACEF aims to promote environmental protection and sustainable development in China and the world at large.


    - Organize and solidify all kinds of CSOs and social forces to promote wide participation of the public in China in environmental protection for sustainable development.

    - Promote social supervision and safeguard the environmental rights of the public.

    - Assist the government in achieving national environmental objectives.

    - Contribute to the protection of global environment and sustainable development through exchange and cooperation with CSOs in other countries, UN agencies, other international organizations and governments.



    Provide the government with recommendations on environmental decision-making    

      Based on the national objectives and tasks on environment and development, ACEF provides policy recommendations to governments at all levels and their environmental departments in particular.

    Protect the environmental rights of the public                  

    - Carry out relevant research and experimental activities on the protection of the public’s environmental rights and the provision of legal assistance to the public;                                                                                       

    -Promote legislation on the protection of the environmental rights of the public;                                                        

    -Establish a system for the protection of the environmental rights of the public.                                                             

    Disseminate environmental information to the public and conduct environmental education.

    - Encourage public participation and supervision, and carry out research on related theories and policies;                        

    - Set up an environmental information website for the public, which provides information on environmental policy and technology and serves as a platform for public participation and supervision;                                             

    -Carry out information dissemination and education activities on environmental protection and the protection of environmental rights in order to raise environmental awareness of the public.

    Promote healthy development of China’s environmental CSOs, and help them establish their due status in the international community.

    - Carry out surveys and research on China’s environmental CSOs;

    - Promote cooperation between Chinese and international environmental CSOs;

    - Improve the capacity and healthy development of CSOs by fund-raising through various channels;                           

    -cooperation with UN gencies;                                                                  

    - Develop partnership and carry out cooperative activities with UN agencies, other international organizations, CSOs in other countries and governments in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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